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4.2 Millions deaths from diabetes.

382 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide, and diabetes management is estimated to represent up to 11% of the total healthcare budget worldwide according to the International Diabetes Federation. GlucoActive aims to improve the quality of life for patients while also decreasing the cost of diabetes management and eliminating the pain associated with strip-based glucometers.

With a recently expanded clinical trial in the United Kingdom, GlucoActive is working to ensure the portable and non-invasive GlucoStation technology works for all demographics before reducing the footprint of the device itself.There are currently zero non-invasive products that match the strategy GlucoActive has.

Partnered with MedTech Makers Lab as a part of the inaugural ‘Super 7’, they are actively seeking investment from those who believe that innovative blood monitoring devices can be both painless and affordable.

To learn more about MedTech Makers Lab please visit

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