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Working with International Incubators Medtech Makers Labs have developed a network of global partners

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Corporate & Funding


Through a network of highly skilled partners and service providers,  Med Tech Makers Labs will aim to introduce members to a range of services, aimed to support their development and delivery of their Business Plan.

These will include:

- Corporate Strategy and Company Administration
- Lab Accommodation at attractive terms
- Access to Finance

- Mentoring & Education
- Grant Application Support


14 Companies are already supported by MedTech Makers Lab

"A pitch deck or information memorandum is not a business plan"

Business Planning


Insufficient planning and funding have led to many innovators having to relinquish control of their businesses in order to get their exciting products and services to market. Invariably inadequate budgeting, too much equity given away in early funding rounds, protracted and higher development costs, route to market challenges, etc represent only a few of the challenges in establishing a successful business.

Through our parent company Capital Kinetics Ltd, optional corporate finance support will be available to assist in the production of the right Business Strategy and plan as opposed to the current trend for “Pitch Decks” which invariably build excitement around the product or service but not the viability of building a successful business. Grants and match funding support may be available for the production of business plans subject to qualifying criteria.



Medtech Makers Labs have secured various funding partners. We have our own proprietary funding platform and are in the final throws of launching our very own seed investment fund.


Medtech Makers Labs also have access to a number of state funders including The Development Bank of Wales and the British Business Bank. Whilst the funding will look to attract a competitive rate of return, they can be structured with terms and conditions that will allow favourable subsequent funding rounds.


There is no fixed formula with each application being considered on its own merits and terms being set that are fair for all parties involved. A sound business proposition will be required to support a funding request but other factors,  such as local job creation, will be considered when loan approval is being reviewed.

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