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Commercialising Innovation

in Medical and Health Technologies

We are Medtech Makers Lab, and we can’t wait to start working together

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projects reviewed from 9 countries - only the best selected

Working with International Incubators Medtech Makers Labs  have developed a network of global partners

Recruiting medical and health technologies from around the world, MedTech Makers Labs have developed a network of global partners.  Working with Governments, Foundations, Accelerators and Academia, MedTech Makers Labs are in a unique position to scale global technology. Our ethos is to educate, develop and grow, not only projects, but healthcare stakeholders and individuals in business strategy and planning.

Our History

There are numerous UK organisations providing support, advice and useful information for the stages of medical technology but few that provide practical support in commercialising Med Tech innovations.

The EU is blessed with scientists, researchers, engineers, designers and health care professionals  working day by day on developing advances in the Medical Technology Medtech sector.


Joined the Maverx Bio Futures Foundation Italy, innovation accelerator at Technopolo


Med Tech Makers Lab Investment Management Platform


New Incubator planned in Cardiff, Milton Keynes & Wroclaw Poland


MTW born as a trial partnership with Monmouthshire County Council, Wales


Joined United Nations Global Compact & United Nations PRI


New Incubator

in Wales Open

Students with Masks

Our primary mission is to create and develop a fraternity of likeminded businesses driven by advanced device development, with a primary focus on patient based outcomes. Secondarily, delivering a program of mentoring and innovation management for key individuals and organisations.




Public Sector

We work in partnership with Government, Healthcare and State bodies to ensure each of our clients has the right public sector support. 

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Our mission is to build a fraternity of likeminded businesses to improve efficiencies in delivering healthcare, whilst maintaining best patient outcomes.   


University Lecture Days

Working with universities in the UK, Italy and Poland, we extend education by way of adding corporate experience through modules and masterclasses.


Recruitment Support

Medtech Makers Labs are embedded in the UK healthcare sector and have access to a wider team of engineers, clinicians, legal advisors and strategists to support each of our projects.


Mentoring Support

Once funded, we stay with the client for a pre-agreed period to ensure the objectives of the business plan are fully implemented.

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Grant Funding

Medtech Makers Labs are also able to support clients with searching UK and EU grant awarding bodies to make application for research and clinical studies. 


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Medtech Makers Lab Limited

MedTech Makers Lab 

A wholly owned subsidiary

of Capital Kinetics Limited


0330 113 0311



The Pinnacle[2nd Floor]

170 Midsummer Blvd

Milton Keynes MK9 1BP

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